Rebildfesten i Rebild Bakker

Activities and experiences

Fiskeri ved Buderupholm fiskesø

For all ages...

Museums in Rebild

Art, cultural history and much more...

Horse - carriage in "Rold Skov" forest

Horse Carriage Rides in Rold Skov Forest Horse carriage rides takes place in the Southern part of Rold Forest and goes around the lake Hvass Sø. ...

Rold Skov Adventure

If you want to experience adventure and untraditional events, Rold Skov is the perfect place. At Rold Skov Adventure, you can participate in teambuild...

Experiences in nature

The nature is filled with wonderful experiences. Drink directly out of the springs, experience the magnificent trees and much more.

A day in Rebild

Do you have a whole day, or just a few hours, and are you bringing children? Find inspiration here.

Stay active in Rebild og Rold Skov forest

Hiking for everybody

In the hills Rebild Bakker and Rold Skov forest you have the perfect area for many hiking routes. An area with beautiful routes, changing terrain and and many kilometers for marked routes, you will find something that is just right for you.

On a mountainbike in the forest

Plenty of trails or long rides in the gravelroad - the possibilites are endless in Rold Skov forest's incredible terrain for both beginners and advanced mountainbikers.

Find more activities here

Rebild has so much more to offer. You can sail a canoe, play golf, run, and many other activities...