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Padlen fra kano på Lindenborg Å
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Due to COVID-19, RebildPorten is closed until further notice.  Rebild Bakker and Rold Skov is still open for visitors. 

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Follow the governments recommendation:

- Wash your hands frequently or use an alcohol-based hand rub

- Cough or sneeze in your sleeve - not your hands

- Avoid handshakes, cheek kisses and hugs - limit physical contact

- Pay attention to cleaning - both at home and in the workplace

- If you are elderly or chronically ill - keep your distance and ask others to pay attention

- Keep 1-2 meters away from others - transmission is frequently via drops, which are transmitted from person to person via e.g. sneeze and cough.

Your guide to Rebild

The Danish beauty…

Rebild is more than just heather-covered hills and wonderful forest lakes – the forest is endless, the myths come alive, and the springs are clearer…

In Rebild, you will find enormous forests, heaths, bogs, heather covered hills, valleys, clear springs and beautiful lakes.

RebildPorten is the place to find information and inspiration. A gate to the nature, history, and the endless opportunities for experiences in Rebild, Rold Skov forest, and the hills Rebild Bakker.

One Rebild with experiences for everyone...

Feel the destination

Photo: RebildPorten