In Rebild, you will find many wonderful experiences in the nature with forest, hills, springs, creeks and lakes. No matter the season, the area is open for everyone. In the fall with the light-green colours, in the summers in all its glory, painted in red and brown during the fall, and covered in white snow during the winter. 

The area is filled with possibilities for experiences outdoor - you can hike, bike, play, swim and much more. Find inspiration to daytrips, sleeping under the stars, and much more on this site. 

A diverse nature - what do you want to see?

Efterår i Rold Skov


Rebild Bakker


Vand fra Ravnkilden

Springs and creeks

Dronebillede ved St. Økssø


In publicly owned forests

  • You can move around in the forest around the clock in the Danish Nature Agency's forests and in forests owned by public foundations, municipalities, other state institutions or the Danish National Church.
  • If you are by foot, you are allow to move away from roads and paths.
  • If you are on a bike, you must stay on roads and paths.
  • All motoring in the forest is prohibited.
  • You must comply with the signs. 

In privately owned forests

  • In privately owned forests, access is allowed from 6 o'clock in the morning to sunset.
  • You can move around by foot and by bicycle, but only on forest roads and paths.
  • All motoring in the forest is prohibited.
  • One must not settle or sit down closer than 150 meters from buildings.
  • You must comply with the signs.
  • If the forest is less than five hectares, the forest owner has the right to close it off to the public.
sagn og historier om røverne

Cultural and Historical Heritage

Many remarkable personalities have had a great impact on the history of Rebild Bakker and Rold Forest. Through the ages the area housed robbers, poachers, witches, kings and queens.