Lam i Rebild Bakker

Rold Skov forest og Rebild Bakker - and much more

Rold Skov

In Rebild, you will find many wonderful experiences in the nature with forest, hills, springs, creeks and lakes. No matter the season, the area is open for everyone. In the fall with the light-green colours, in the summers in all its glory, painted in red and brown during the fall, and covered in white snow during the winter. 

The area is filled with possibilities for experiences outdoor - you can hike, bike, play, swim and much more. Find inspiration to daytrips, sleeping under the stars, and much more on this site. 

In public forest

  • You may go into public forest, which is owned by the Ministry of Environment 24 hours a day, but also in public forests owned by other public institutions. 
  • If you move by foot, you are allowed to move outside roads and paths.
  • If you move by bike, you must stay within roads and paths. 
  • Al motorised transportation in not allowed in the forest. 
  • Always follow the signposting.

In private forest

  • In privat forest, you may only go here from 6 in the morning until sunset.
  • You may go here by foot or bike, but only on roads and paths.
  • Al motorised transportation in forbidden. 
  • You may not sit down for e.g. a pause within 150 meter from buildings. 
  • You must always follow the signposting. 
  • If the forest is under 5 acres, the owner has a right to close it off for the public. 

Use the forest and the facilities

Natural playgrounds

Shelters and campsites

Bonfirehuts and bonfire places