Mountainbike i Rold Skov

Mountain biking in Rold Skov

Mountainbike i Rold Skov

Do you like speed and challenges and great trails?

Try the famous trails in Rold Skov forest. 

Rold Skov forest is one of Denmark’s largest MTB-areas with many trails and changing terrain. The forest offers a terrain with levels of difficulties from easy to extreme.


You will find more than 50 km of routes and approx. 1000 height meters, and the trails offers both easy and difficult single tracks, sections with a great flow, big climbs. You will also find a special area for practicing technique and an extremely difficult downhill track. 


Jump on your bike, and enjoy the trails in Rold Skov forest. 


MTB Codex

     Only ride where it is permitted

  • In nature you may only ride a bike on roads and paths. 
  • No biking in Rebild Bakker or on the ski route.
  • No biking in Rebild Bakker or on the ski route. Avoid paths for horseback riding, hiking etc. outside forest roads. 
  • Biking on ancient monuments, burial mounds, dikes and stairs it not allowed. 
  • Biking in private forests is not allowed from sundown to 6:00 in the morning.


      Ride responsibly

  • Adjust your speed and keep your distance - the Danish Road Traffic Act also apply to the nature.
  • Ride with others, and remember your helmet, phone, 112-app and Health Insurance-card.
  • Protect the trails in periods with bad weather by using solid tracks and forest roads.

      Show consideration

  • Ride at an easy pace when you meet others. As early as possible, use a bell or a verbal “ding-ding” to alert that you are approaching.
  • Do not dump trash or waste in nature. 
  • Avoid places with many forest visitors, and protect the animals and vegetation.