Sleeping in the wild in Rold Skov

At Naturstyrelsen’s (the Danish Nature Agency) areas you have a lot of opportunities of spending the night in the open air.

Sleep on the forest ground without a tent

At Naturstyrelsen’s areas you are allowed to stay overnight on the ground in the forest with a sleeping bag, a blanket, a rain cover at the ground or in a hammock in a tree or similar. If you are using a hammock you need to be aware that you are not damaging the tree, e.g. their bark, which is vulnerable during Spring especially during spring.

If your rain cover or presenning is set up as a tent, it can only be done at areas with free tenting or at the camping grounds.

Rules for free tenting

  • It is only allowed to stay overnight at the same place for one night.
  • You can maximum put up two tents at the same spot.
  • The tents can maximum be three persons capacity.
  • The tents need to be out of visual range of operational and habitation buildings, e.g. neighbours, camping grounds and roads.
  • It is only allowed to use open fire at the designated fire places.
  • It is only allowed to use a camping stove if it is storm-prove and the burner is enclosured, e.g. a Trangia.
  • For the sake of fire hazard it is not allowed to place the camping stove on leaves or other inflammable material - please place the camping stove on a rock or other non-inflammable material.
  • Be aware that forests can be restricted with no open, use of designated fireplaces etc., fires due to drought - in that case the storm proof camping stoves are not allowed to be used either. Forest that are closed for free tenting will be announced at Naturstyrelsen’s webpage as well as with signs at the entrance of the forests.
  • It is not allowed to use motorized vehicles at the forest roads.
  • Tenting is not allowed at beaches and sand dunes that are a part of some of the forest areas.
  • After use, clean up after yourself and bring any waste with you.

Rules for small campsites

  • 2 overnight stays.
  • Motorized driving is not allowed.
  • Toileting is the forest should take place in appropriate distance to the campsite without detritus.
  • Take your waste with you!
  • It is allowed to collect plants, berries, fruits of the forest for your own use.
  • The sites can be used by individuals, families or smaller groups with few tents.
  • Be aware that it is illegal to demonstrate loud behaviour, including the use of radios, speakers, music instruments etc., in a noisy way.