Vedstedskovhus - lunch hut



It is a huge playground with many great experiences. The playground is located 200 meters from the parking place in Rebild. At first sight, the playground does not appear large, but you can also find a slide, bonfire, a netting, a ship, table and benches, and porch roof.

A sensepath is located around the main playground, and you can see large coloured fungus, and the trees are shaped as trolls with eyes and long noses. You can also see the large stones that are painted and cute, which makes them look like witches, trolls and elves.

You can also find cut our trees shaped like the Robbers from Rold, animals and fairy tales, among others, a squirrel, mole, toad, swallow, and Thumbelina.

This playground is located in the middle of Rold Skov, and you are constantly surrounded by beautiful nature, and the playground is, therefore, also enjoyed by many adults.