Træer i Rold Skov

Discover a hidden gem!

Photo: RebildPorten

Just 20 min from Aalborg lies Rebild Bakker and Rold Forest. It's a green oasis and the largest forest in Denmark!

Kristine Cesniece has lived and studied in Aalborg the past 5 years. She has been to Rold Forest and Rebild Bakker several times and thinks it’s an hidden gem. She first discovered the area when looking for something to see and do close to Aalborg, which could be reached by train. 

When asked about Rebild and Rold Forest, she mentions that her favorite thing to do, is to watch the seasons change throughout the year. In spring the birch trees are bright green and in the sunlight the scenery becomes almost magical. In August the heather begins to bloom, covering the hills in a stunning purple blanket. During autumn the forest changes color, from green to different shades of vibrant red, orange and yellow.

‘‘What I love about going to the Rold Skov and Rebild Bakker is that everytime I can see something new. There are a lot of beautiful places to see.’’ - Kristine Cesniece

‘‘Also, remember to check out the viking graves!’’ They can be found everywhere in the forest, but are especially concentrated north of Rebild Bakker.

Kristine also enjoys walking in the hills, where it goes quite a bit up and down, but it is so satisfying when you get to the top and see the views! 

Photo:Kjetil Løite

How do I get to Rebild and Rold Forest?

Only 20 minutes by train lies Rold Forest and Rebild Bakker. The forest is very large, so it can be a good idea to bring your bike to get around.

If you have rejsekort, commuter pass or periodekort (seasonal pass), you can bring your bike for free in the NT regional train (blue train), outside peak hours (07:00-09:00 and 14:30-17:00 during weekdays).
During peak hours, you will have to buy a seat reservation for your bike. You do not need to buy an additional bicykle ticket if you buy a seat reservation for your bike.  

If you do not have a rejsekort, commuter pass or periodekort (seasonal pass), you will have to buy a bike ticket, along with a ticket for yourself. Tickets can be bought through NT (, NT ticket app or at rejsekort machines. 

If you want to bring your bike on the DSB trains, you always need to purchase a ticket for your bicycle as well as for yourself. Tickets can be bought in DSB ticket machines on all stations, in DSB Sale & Service or in 7-Eleven.

You can plan your journey and find ticket prices through Rejseplanen.


Popular hiking trails

There are many trails in Rebild Bakker and Rold Forest. Below are a few of our favorites, but there are so many amazing trails! At RebildPorten, the tourist information center, we are always ready to provide more information on the trails in the area.

Mosskov Pavilionen lies by St. Økssø, where you can grab a nice cup of coffee and some cake. 

Close to Rebild Bakker lies Rold StorKro, where you can get a cup of coffee and cake, while enjoying the view over Gravlev Ådal. It is also possible to get coffee at Rebildhus and at Tophuset in the weekends.

Photo: RebildPorten

St. Økssø

The stunning trail around St. Økssø is between 3-3.5 km long. It is marked with yellow dots out in the terrain. The trail is quite flat, making it easy to walk.

You can bike from Skørping Station to the lake, or walk through the forest and forest garden


Rebild Bakker (Short trail)

The short trail in Rebild Bakker is 3.6 km, and takes around an hour to walk. It is marked with white arrows out in the terrain. The trail takes you to see sights such as Ravnkilden, Lars Kjærs House, the heather-covered hills and the highest hill in the area, Sønderkol.


Rebild Bakker (The long trail)

The long trail in Rebild Bakker is 10.8 km long, taking around 3-4 hours, due to the elevation in the terrain. It is marked with white arrows out in the terrain. You will pass Ravnkilden, Kovads Bæk, the troll forest and walk up and down the heather-covered hills. It is a beautiful hike, with some of the best sights Rebild can offer. 



RebildPorten - Tourist information

RebildPorten is a tourist information center, located by the entrance of Rebild Bakker. You are welcome to swing by and find maps and information. You are always welcome to call 99 88 90 00 or e-mail if you don’t know where to start your hike or have any other questions! 

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