Store Blåkilde

The spring is located south-south west of the lake ‘Madum Sø’ at Villestrup Kjær. The easiest way to get there is by Route 519, Møldrupvej, which runs between Skørping and Astrup. There is a path from the parking area at Møldupvej. Store Blåkilde is a basin spring. It has previously been regarded as the most water abundant of the springs in the Rold area and hence Denmark's largest. Recent measurements, however, show that it is smaller than both Lille Blåkilde and Gravlev Spring. The main spring’s output is about 80 litres per second, and the combined spring area is measured to yield 300 litres per second.

The basin is almost oval. It is about 12 metres wide and has a depth of 4-5 metres. From several small craters at the bottom, the water emerges with such a power that you can easily get a light coin to stay in the jet stream above the crater.

The bottom of the basin is made up of light sand, and on a sunny day, the view of the pool is worth the trip. The clear water mirrors the sky in blue colours from sapphire to turquoise.

The drainage from the spring is relatively wide and the water moves smoothly. A few metres further along where the drain ends at Villestrup Å, more small springs can be seen.

In the clear waters of the spring, trouts are often seen, and especially during a hard winter, the relatively hot water of the spring attracts a lot of fish. In the winter, the ice-free spring also attracts birds, such as the white-throated dipper, the kingfisher and the grey wagtail.