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Lindenborg Å and Valley

Lindenbrog Å og Ådal is one of Denmarks deepest and most cleft river. Lindenborg Å and Ådal is also known for et clean and clear water.


The stream Lindenborg Å is very rich in water and constant in its flow. 

The land it cuts through, is very varied, and the river changes from straight passages with rapid current, into peaceful passages with many curves. Many of the famous springs in the area is connected to the stream. 

The river drains approx. 225 square kilometres. 


Fishing in Lindenborg Å

The river is rich in fish, and attracts many anglers. However, you must notice that different licenses are required for different parts of the stream. 

Fishing with national fishing license:

In Gravlev Valley, two section of Lindenborg Stream has now been open for fishing. At one of the sections, you might experience a bull inside the fence. You can fish for trout and sea trout at these two sections. Fishing in other part in Lindenborg Stream is prohibited unless you have the additional local fishing license.

Fishing with additional local fishing license:

You can find sea trout, river trout and rainbow trout. In the many curves of the stream, you will find trout just waiting to be caught, and you can also enjoy the wonderful view of Rold Skov on each side of the stream. However, without the license, you many not catch any fish in this stream.