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Danhostel Rebild

Danhostel Rebild is located at the top of the picturesque Rebild Hills in the middle of wonderful Himmerland. In addition to ordinary residences the youth hostel can offer residence for courses and groups of up to 30 people including meals - and at very attractive rates. The youth hostel has 21 rooms - all having shower and toilet. The rooms have either 4, 5 or 6 beds - counting a total of 90 beds. Additionally there is a guest kitchen, dinner room, school room, conference room, TV room, living room and a small reception / café. Near by the youth hostel you can enjoy the magnificent vistas and landscape of The Rebild National Park where America's independence day is celebrated at the 4th of July. The Rebild Hills are surrounded by the Rold Forest - the biggest forest in Denmark, to which many local stories are associated. The story of "The Robbers from Rold" is probably among the most famous. Regarding botanical sights are the gnarled beech trees in the "Goblin Forest" and the beautiful orchid "The Lady Shoe". The area around The Rebild Hills has the greatest concentration in Nothern Europe of springs with crystal clear drinking water - and within a radius of 7 km. you will find some of the cleanest lakes in Denmark with good opportunities for bathing.