Hygge i basen ved Bjerg og Søbye


Photo: Henrik Bjerg

When you are using nature as a conversation starter, all five senses are challenged and at play, making you sharper. 

Replace the meeting room with forest, hills and spring water and give your employees the opportunity to create a completely new space for conversations, which invites creativity, inspiration and the chance to understand each other better. 

Shelters ved Mosskovpavillonen

Photo:Kjetil Løite

MEETNATURE can arrange different kinds of outdoor meetings, depending on what you and your company needs. It could be tools to foster improved cooperation, idea development or process management in a team, for example through a guided walk & talk, where you can stop and drink the spring water from one of the many springs in Rebild Bakker.

It could also be staff development interviews with coffee breaks held on various observation posts.

The only limit is your imagination, if you let MEETNATURE help you plan your next outdoor meeting, conference or Company Day. 

MEETNATURE is a cooperation initiative between tourism operators in Rebild, Rebild Bakker and Rold Skov.

MEETNATURE can be contacted all weekdays on phone and email, to come up with ideas, a tender submission and coordination of your next company event.

We look forward to welcoming you to the exceptional and rewarding nature of Rebild. 


Jane Pilgaard

Teamkoordinator / MEETNATURE ansvarlig