Hestegraven - sinkhole

Close by the other famous sinkhole Røverstuen, the huge sinkhole Hestegraven can be found. The sinkhole is formed when rainwater mixed with humic acid seeps through the cracks in the limestone and thus, dissolves the limestone layer. Eventually, a cavity is created. When the surface layer can no longer support itself and collapses, a sinkhole is formed. 

There is a myth surrounding Hestegraven, claiming that a a newlywed couple drove through the area in a horse drawn carriage, when they suddenly fell into sinkhole and disappeared. As this tale is somewhat of an urban legend, the more plausible explanation for the name is that during the war in 1864, the sinkhole was used to hide horses from the Germans. 

The feeling at Hestegraven is very special as you can experience surface water from the nearby lake, Lille Økssø, vanish into the deep of the sinkhole. If you go into the sinkhole, you can see the small water stream vanish into a crack in the limestone. The sound you will experience will be as if water was falling into a well. However, tread carefully - exploring the sinkhole is at your own risk.