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Canoe rental at Rold StorKro kanoudlejning

Enjoy a lovely day on Lindenborg Å

Rold Storkro offers rental of canoes for a great day on the stream Lindenborg Å.

The trip starts at Skillingbro, only 500 meters from Rold StorKro. From here you can sail the 35 kilometers to Limfjorden or take a shorter trip where you can enjoy bog, meadow, and forest.


DKK 350 pr. Canoe, including life jackets. There is a DKK 1000 deposit.

Rold StorKro has two canoes, a 3-person canoe and a family canoe (2 adults, 2 children).

If more canoes are needed, Rold StorKro can help arrange that.


You can also order a picnic basket to bring with you, on your trip from Rold StorKro.

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