The landscape in Rebild Bakker and Rold Skov forest, one of largest forest in Denmark, invites to hiking all year round. Regardless of the season, the forest is open for everyone. In the spring with its light green colour, in the summer in all its mighty, in the fall with it autumn colours, and in the winter with its snow-clad landscape.

Exciting nature experiences is all around the area. Rold Skov forest’s multiple springs are some of the Northern Europe’s most water abundant, which are a very fascinating sight. The water in most of the springs are completely clean, so you can fill your water bottle at many of the springs.

Beautiful walks by the lakes in the area, such as Store Økssø, and hikes to different monuments from the history of the area, e.g. the fort of Borremose, different passage graves, and memories from World War II.

As a hiker, you can also walk one of the many marked routes in the area. However, you can also choose to go on a guided tour in the area. In is not only in Rold Skov and Rebild Bakker you can find great hiking routes. In Denmark, a national cloverpath concept exists, and both Skørping and Øster Hornum are part of this concept. Therefore, in Øster Hornum, you can find four great hiking paths, which are not located in Rold Skov.

On this site, you can find some of routes in the area, but you can also retrieve maps at RebildPorten with the marked routes. At this site, you can also get information about the guides in the area, but also attractions and sight which are worth a visit.

Hiking routes

All the maps and brochures are written in Danish. However, a brief explanation of the maps and brochure will be provided at this site. 

Routes in Rold Skov forest. Rold Forest is a massive forest with areas that are either publicly or privately owned. In public forest, you can move freely. But in private forests, you have to stay on paths and can only enter the forest between 6 in the morning until sunset.

In the following, the rules for private forest are listed. 

In private forests you may:

  • enter from 6 in the morning until sunset.
  • only walk on roads and paths (except for paths that has only been trampled). 
  • not cut or carve into the trees. 
  • collected fungi, nuts, berries, seed, fallen cones, moss, lichen, branches and twigs that can be reached from the roads and paths. 
  • never dig up vegetation. 
  • not horseback ride unless it has been agreed upon with the owner. 
  • only bike on roads and gravel roads, and never on the forest floor. 
  • only bring a dog on a leash. Only in separate off-leash dog parks may your dog run freely.

Due to the magnitude of the forest, it is, therefore recommended that you retrieve maps.
The Rold Skov overview map will show all the forest areas in Rold Skov, and can help you identify the different section of the forest.
This is helpful when using the smaller maps, as it will show you what part of the forest a specific route is placed.

The Danish Nature Agency’s overview map can be found here.

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The Robbers of Rold

In Rold Skov, the stories about the Robbers of Rold have existed since the 19th century.