Welcome to Rebild

Where Denmark is more beautiful...

Rebild is more than beautiful heathery hills and wonderful forest lakes – the forest is magnificent, the springs are clear and blue, and the stories about the area are fascinating.

In Rebild, you can find forest, heather covered hills, moors, springs, lakes, action and adventure. Take a walk in the beautiful nature, or try our great mountain bike routes. Rebild can offer experiences for everyone.

Rebild is the perfect place to experience a part of the Danish and local history - you can find relics from World War 2, the Stone Age, and many other interesting relics from the past. You can also find many memorials in memory of important or interesting people and events.

RebildPorten is your gateway to Rebild. RebildPorten is located in the centre of Rebild, and it is the perfect place to find information and inspiration about what you can experience in Rebild, Rold Skov Forest and Rebild Bakker National park.

Rebild Bakker National park

A beautiful and fascinating area with heather covered hills...


In Rebild, you can enjoy the sight of the many springs in the area - our springs are clean and beautiful.

Children and play

The forest is the best playground for children and childlike souls.


In Rebild, the chance to create wonderful outdoors experiences on a bike is outstanding.